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OpenShift LDAP Integration

The OpenShift Container Platform provides support for leveraging users and groups stored in an Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) V3 server using simple bind authentication. LDAP Users and their Access to OpenShift Example LDAP Tree Structure Configure OpenShift to use LDAP for User Authentication The LDAP Identity Provider OpenShift Ansible Configuration Manual Configuration Testing LDAP queries ldapsearch What''s Next? Resources The official OpenShift documentation provides a high level overview for authenticating a user against an LDAP server:

LDAP Group Synchronization with OpenShift

This guide discusses the synchronization of groups defined in an LDAP server with OpenShift and is distinct from using an LDAP server to authenticate users to OpenShift. Please refer to the LDAP Integration guide for using an LDAP server as an identity provider to govern user authentication to OpenShift. Client configuration file Connectivity Schema Group and User Queries Attribute Mapping Additional Configuration Options Explicit Group Mapping Executing the Synchronization job Whitelists/Blacklists Verifying Groups in OpenShift Associating Permissions to Synchronized Groups Pruning Groups References The OpenShift Container Platform contains a fully functional Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system.