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Integrating External Container Registry Integration with OpenShift

OpenShift can utilize an external container registry as a source for deploying images and to store images produced as a result of a build. Overview Container Runtime Configuration Certificates Insecure Registry Accessing Secure Registries Storing Credentials in Secrets External registry integration in Builds Storing images as a result of a build Using images from a secured registry as part of a build Running images stored in an external registry Deploying an image using the oc new-app command Deploying an image using an ImageStream Deploy an Image using the location in the DeploymentConfig Deploying Images from an Insecure Registry Deploying Images from an Authenticated Registry Troubleshooting Unable to deploy images from an external registry Overview OpenShift is a platform for running containerized applications.

OpenShift LDAP Integration

The OpenShift Container Platform provides support for leveraging users and groups stored in an Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) V3 server using simple bind authentication. LDAP Users and their Access to OpenShift Example LDAP Tree Structure Configure OpenShift to use LDAP for User Authentication The LDAP Identity Provider OpenShift Ansible Configuration Manual Configuration Testing LDAP queries ldapsearch What''s Next? Resources The official OpenShift documentation provides a high level overview for authenticating a user against an LDAP server:

External Jenkins Integration

The OpenShift Container Platform provides a number of features to support Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Aside from its native build and deployment capabilities. Requirements Networking Plugins Credentials Service Account Creation within OpenShift Jenkins Credentials Creation OpenShift Sync Plugin Dynamic Slaves JNLP Port Kubernetes Plugin Configuration Validating the Configuration BuildConfig Synchronization Dynamic Slave Execution OpenShift contains tight integration with the Jenkins Continuous Integration server.