DevOps Reading List

PaaS and container technologies are often very closely tied with DevOps. In fact, we often confuse the adoption of "next-gen" technology stacks like OpenShift with "DevOps adoption". While it’s true that certain automation and cloud technologies fit very nicely into a DevOps frame of mind, it’s important to understand that employing DevOps means much more than just having the right technology, or writing automation scripts. DevOps is at its core a philosophy and a mindset that revolves around taking lean manufacturing principles and applying them to an IT organization. DevOps is first and foremost about providing value to your Business through technology, but technology alone can’t get you there.

To that end, we have compiled a reading list to get you familiar with this philosophy and the principles of DevOps. Check back often for more resources or additional articles we will write in the future.

For the Novice

We recommend starting here. The following references help to answer the question, "What is DevOps?" and provide a base of knowledge on which to build.

Intermediate Level

OK, so now you have some base understand about what DevOps is. This section is intended to expand upon that knowledge and really start to answer the question, "How can I start adopting DevOps in my Organization?"

Deep Dives & Further Learning

These books expand on some of the knowledge above and go deeper into particular aspects of DevOps.